How much does an aquarium cost? 

Why we charge what we charge?



All staff are well manneredclean shaven and come dressed to impress.



We only use natural materials to create our pieces of living art, we will refuse to use fake plants.



Hoses can cause problems in a busy business so we only work when it best suits you.



We have never had a problem but that's not to say one cant arise, that's why we have full liability insurance.



why are we a 5 star business, we never disappoint, if we do we wont stop till your happy. 



We pride our self's on being a trustworthy business, our employees must pass a dbs check to work for us. 

Maintenance Cost Includes 

  • Water Quality Check

  • Clean Rocks, Wood and Plants

  • Trim Plants

  • Clean Outside Glass

  • Gravel Vacuum 

  • Clean Inside Glass

  • Clean All Equipment

  • 50% Water Change Minimum

  • Clean Stand

  • Fish Health Check

  • Equipment Check

  • Clean Outside Glass

Start Up Cost Included

Frequently asked questions

How mush is an Aquarium to be installed?

The price of an aquarium ranges as a quick guide you can get a 4ft aquarium for around £900.00(included aquarium, equipment, livestock and installation cost) for more info visit our "how much does it cost page" If you need any more information, please give us a call.

How much is aquarium maintenance?

There a few variations to the price such as size of aquarium, the amount of time in-between cleaning and finally where your business or home from our base in Torfaen, south wales. For more information visit our how much does it cost page.

Do I need a deposit?

Yes, we do require a deposit this is to cover materials, equipment and all necessary goods.


Prices given are raw guides.

At Your Fish Guy We Believe In Being Straight With Our Customers. We Don't Want To Waste Anyone's Time.

Prices Given Are what We Like To Call Raw. They Are The Basic Cost, What Does This Mean?

The Prices Here On Our Site Are Not What you will receive, They Are Not Far Off But They Are Not 100% Accurate, As Some Information Is Needed For example The Distance From Our Home Base Will Slightly Change The Price.