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Frequently asked questions


Is my current aquarium maintenance contractor doing a good job?

Maybe, hopefully. What you have to consider is am I getting good value for my money. Some aquarium service companies may be charging a lot of money for their service which may not be a problem, again what might be a problem is it worth it. Also, some might be charging you a little amount but you may be getting a service that is below the bar. We set this company up to provide the best service possible at the best value for money. How are we the best value for money? Well we looked at what needs to be done and how can we go the extra mile to bring value were other companies don't.

Can you convert my aquarium from saltwater to freshwater?

Yes, Is it easy? It's hard work but well it’s not your problem it’s ours. Good thing is it doesn't take long. it can be done in a day or less on average. How we do it is removing everything from the fish tank and then fill and drain the tank again and again until all the salt deposit is gone. When that is done then it can be re-aquascaped with new clean rocks, wood and plants. The best thing about it is it does not cost the earth and if you have already paid for a salt water aquarium having a fresh water aquarium can be 1/4 of the price.

Should I have a marine or fresh water tank?

I may be bias here, but i know there are huge benefits to having a freshwater aquarium over having a salt water aquarium. Such as... -Initial set up cost, saltwater aquariums can cost thousands more than freshwater aquariums. They can be the same size, were a freshwater aquarium may cost £1000.00 as a example, a saltwater aquarium the same fish tank, can cost at least £3500.00. -Maintenance cost, 4X more, as research we spoke to another company and asked them how much you would charge for a 4-foot Reef aquarium and they came back with a price of £216.00. We charge £55.00(RAW PRICE) That's Pretty much 4X more than freshwater. -How it looks, I personally Believe salt water fish and coral are beautiful, but the bright blue light you need have to grow the corals, you don't get to appreciate the coral and fish's natural colours. Where fresh water looks way more natural with bright green plants and the fish are just as colourful. For these reasons I believe it's a no brainer.

How soon after installation will I have fish?

Traditionally you would wait, 2-4 weeks before adding fish. Your fish guy we add the fish the same day as we install the aquarium. HOW? To know how you must understand you usually wait for the beneficial bacteria to establish. We add live bacteria to the water Colum as well as adding filter media which has already has the bacteria growing on it. this means it is 100% safe to stock all the fish the same day and we have never to date had any problems this way.

Do you supply fish & equipment?

We, SUPPLY - INSTALL - MAINTAIN We supply everything no need to worry about trips to the fish store or having future payments for fish. It's a onetime payment for everything (except maintenance)

I assume you clean fish tanks, but do you set them up as well?

We are a complete service, we will arrange a consultation to discuss and pick out of our brochure what aquarium, fish and style you want then we can supply and install it all.

What if I already have an aquarium?

If you already have an aquarium and you are happy with it, it is no problem. 30% of our clients have already had aquariums installed by another company but are not happy with the service so they come to us, and I can happily say stay with us.

How much should I feed my aquarium?

Obviously depends on how big the aquarium is. We split them into different size categories small, medium and large. If you visit our contact us page and send us an email, ask for the feeding guide. We will send you one to follow with example images to show you how much we recommend.

What food do I buy?

If you are a client or future client, we supply all the food for you as part of the cost on initial set up. If you are not what we use and supply if the fish science range. It's well tested and won more awards than I can count.


Should I have a custom aquarium or an off the shelf aquarium?

It simply comes down to two things cost and preference and do the two make sense for you. -Cost, the off the shelf aquariums we supply range from £150 to £3500, a custom aquarium's starting cost is £1000+ -Preference, when having a custom aquarium there are a few benefits of have a bespoke aquarium over have an off the shelf aquarium from longer warranties to simply being the best quality money can buy. What I think is the main benefit is that it will be a statement it can be matched with your interior design perfectly, which I believe makes it worth the investment.

Does my aquarium include a warranty?

Off the shelf aquariums usually come with a warranty of 3-5 years, don't worry about that its only 3-5 years, they will last decades. simply after 3 years the chance of leaks are very slim. Custom aquariums range from 5-10-25 year warranty depending on the materials you pick like glass or acrylic for example.

What aquarium do I pick, can you help me?

Don't worry were here to help, if you contact us we will arrange a consultation and guide you through all the pros and cons of different aquariums.


How long will it take to install the aquarium?

Small aquariums can be installed within a couple of hours. Large aquarium 4ft+ it usually takes a day. Custom aquariums can take over a day but we will not allow this to affect your business functioning like it usually does.

Will the installation effect my customers?

NO, NO and NO. We provide out of hours service and if that isn't an option, we simply form a barrier around where we are working ensuring safety for everyone.

How long will it take before its installed?

After the consultation process, we require a deposit. After that point we will install the aquarium on the date discussed in our meeting, usually with in 1-3 weeks for off the shelf aquariums and custom aquariums around 1-2 months, as building aquariums can be a long process.


How long will it take to maintain the aquarium?

It ranges, but here is an example. We service a fake reef style aquarium, 4ft long and 240 litres. This aquarium takes us around 1.30-2.00hrs Another example a planted aquarium which is 2ft long and 70 litres. This aquarium takes us around 0.45-1.30hr which depends each time. We do offer out of hours service to make this easier for business which are very busy.

How often will my aquarium need to be cleaned?

How often does my aquarium need to be cleaned? the most popular question we get. Obviously, budget is a big factor, what we say to every customer at the start of our consultation. It's better to have a smaller aquarium that you can afford to keep clean and looking beautiful, than an aquarium that is big but is dirty all the time with built up waste and covered in algae. I cannot stress enough how much better it is to have a weekly service on your aquarium. For a number of reasons, from simple having cleaner better-looking aquarium to the fish being more interactive because of the pristine water quality.

Do you guarantee that my fish will stay alive?

Yes, the fish are guaranteed and we also medicate the fish on site to minimum any chances of disease. We find by doing this at the very beginning, we very rarely have any problems.

Who is going to be working on my aquarium?

Our trained, well experienced and dbs checked staff.

Does your cleaning service include any products?

The cost of our maintenance service, Includes everything all the chemical, medication everything. It's a complete price no need to worry about running out of anything.

Your fish guy

Are you insured?

Yes, we have full liability insurance. We are insured up to £1,000,000.00, but this can be increased on request if need be.

Are you dbs checked?

Yes, all employees for your fish guy have and all ways will have to pass a dbs check. This is because we are servicing aquarium in functional business and schools as well as peoples home so this is a must for us.

What does your fish guy do?

We are an aquarium service company, what does that mean?
We supply all aquariums, equipment and material for our clients.
Your fish guy also installs aquariums, we install off the self-aquariums that you would buy from a store and we also install custom aquariums.
We also maintain aquariums as part as a after care service but we do work with clients who already have a fish tank.


Do I need a deposit?

Yes, we do require a deposit this is to cover materials, equipment and all necessary goods.

How much does it cost for an aquarium?

The price of an aquarium ranges as a quick guide you can get a 4ft aquarium for around £900.00(included aquarium, equipment, livestock and installation cost) for more info visit our "how much does it cost page"

If you need any more information, please give us a call.

How much does it cost to have my aquarium cleaned?

There are few variations to the price such as size of aquarium, the amount of time in-between cleaning and finally where your business or home from our base in Torfaen, south wales.
For more information visit our how much does it cost page.

Possible problems

Will it affect my customers?

Never, how? Because we will never allow it to. We offer a few ways to avoid this. First is we can form a barrier around where we are working, to ensure not just that it doesn't affect customers but it's safe also. Secondly, and the most popular is an out of hours service. Early morning to late night, Monday to Sunday.

Can you support me during Holiday season like feeding the fish?

Yes, we offer a holiday service, for all customers. Closed during Christmas. We still provide the usual maintenance service as well as stopping by every 3 days to feed the fish.

Will I know when you are coming?

The day before any service installation or maintenance you will receive a text or email every time.

Can I change my scheduled maintenance?

Yes, you can change your date of maintenance no problem, we are perfectly flexible on this. With a minimum of 7 days' notice.

If I decide to move in the future can you relocate my aquarium?

If you move premises, and the aquarium needs to be relocated. That's no problem at all, we can take care of that.